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Hello and welcome, 

I'm currently a student at Fontys university. 

During my study, I got some spare time, so I challenged myself to learn more about Unity and so I have created this little game which is based on Undertale's battlesystem.
I hope you like it! 
And if you have anything to say like a tip or your opinion then please say it in the comments.
Even if you disliked it, just comment it. I just want to improve myself and my ICT skills.
Thanks for giving my game a try!

  • W: to jump
  • A & D: to move left and right
  • Return/Enter: to continue in dialoge
  • Esc: to quit the game

Install instructions

Get the files out of the zip folder and run MyFirstGame.exe.

After that choose your prefered setting and click on the "Play!" button, that's all!


MyFirstGame.zip 13 MB

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